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Testing For Asbestos

Get safe testing for asbestos

An asbestos survey and management plan protects you and those around you. We are accredited to undertake asbestos surveys, approved by Worksafe NZ and all work is 100% independently tested by a third-party laboratory.

asbestos survey

An asbestos check is mandatory

Exposure to asbestos is the single biggest cause of death from work-related disease in New Zealand. As a building owner, or a New Zealand business, an asbestos survey will help you meet your obligation under the NZ Health & Safety Act.

Whether you’re a large corporate, sole trader, self-employed, charity, education or health provider, you have a responsibility to protect any tradesperson or staff from exposure to asbestos fibres. You are obliged, by law, to know what’s in your building. 

An asbestos survey is not optional. Asbestos surveys are a legal requirement and should only be carried out by a professionally trained and accredited asbestos surveyor. If you are unsure whether your house or building contains asbestos, then talk to us. Call Richard on 021 488732.

What is an asbestos survey?

An asbestos survey can identify all the asbestos and ACMs (asbestos containing materials) that needs to be removed before starting refurbishment, renovations or demolition work. Asbestos, a minute fibre invisible to the naked eye, was mixed with many building materials and used in most older buildings in New Zealand, both residential and commercial. 

If you’re about to work on a heritage home, an industrial warehouse, a shop, bach, shed or a home built before the late 1990s, you’ll need an asbestos check to protect your family or staff from the asbestos products that will probably be lurking somewhere in the building. The law states that you need to get your building checked out.

Asbestos isn’t always obvious. Would you spot asbestos cement pipes or an asbestos containing fuse board? What about in roof sheeting, skylights, eaves, cladding, flashings, flues, door and window mouldings, lino and flooring tile underlays or insulation lagging? The only way to be really sure a material doesn’t contain asbestos, or to identify what type of asbestos is present, is by testing for asbestos in a qualified laboratory.

Our asbestos survey will tell you:

the location of asbestos

the type

the condition

the quantity

further action required (if any)

asbestos testing

Manage the risks from asbestos

Testing for asbestos means you can plan work to within the building safely. You can then organise for the removal of any asbestos materials that are likely to be disturbed or are deteriorating. Once the removal of all asbestos has been carried out, you can then apply for final sign-off from an asbestos assessor and get on with the job.

Asbestos management plans

Since 2018, landlords and businesses have needed asbestos management plans for their buildings and workplaces. An asbestos management plan sets out where asbestos is, and how it will be dealt with. Following the guidelines and requirements set out by WorkSafe NZ, we can prepare a registry of all ACMs (asbestos containing materials)

The presence of asbestos within a building or property does not necessarily mean that it will need to be removed. If asbestos is undisturbed and intact, sometimes the best thing to do is nothing. The SAMRS team will work with you so that you understand your safety and legal responsibilities as a business or property owner under the 2018 Asbestos Code of Practice.

Want to sell a commercial property? Potential buyers will ask for the asbestos management plan. We can undertake an asbestos check for you.

An asbestos management plan will:


  • identify asbestos in a property 
  • outline the type, extent, accessibility and condition of any asbestos identified
  • include a management plan with clear directions on how to manage any asbestos found
  • make recommendations 
asbestos tester
asbestos surveyor

Get asbestos compliant

Don’t let asbestos affect your employees, friends, family, the public, or your development plans. You can be certain that our services meet the strictest criteria for public health and safety. For independent advice, please call us on 021 488732.


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