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Mould removal Auckland wide

We are mould remediation experts based in Auckland. Our professional mould removal service will identify the source of mould growth, remove existing mould from affected areas and then prevent further mould growth.

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Signs of mould in your property

If you notice any of the following, it is very likely you have mould at your place:

  • a damp odour
  • dark green/blue or black fur on surfaces
  • condensation on walls or surfaces
  • health issues similar to hay-fever.

Call in the mould busters

We are here to provide honest, realistic and practical advice and assistance. If you think you have a have a mould problem, don’t delay seeking mould treatment from professional mould cleaners. We provide:

residential mould removal 

commercial mould removal

black mould removal 

mould removal from soft furnishings

For effective, permanent mould removal Auckland residents call 021488732.

Mould is a menace

If allowed to grow, mould can cause damage to plaster, timber, clothing and other household items. It also looks bad, and it has an unpleasant tell-tale odour.

Mould can have long standing health effects on those living close to it. Inhaling mould fragments or spores can inflame the airways, causing nasal congestion, wheezing, chest tightness, coughing and throat irritation. It can be particularly harmful to asthmatics.

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What is mould and why is it so destructive?

Mould is a fungi that grows in damp locations. There are many species, and it can grow both indoors and outdoors. It reproduces using tiny airborne spores that can cause health problems when breathed in. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a considerable proportion of the world’s 300 million cases of childhood asthma is attributable to exposure to indoor dampness and mould.

Mould is often found in moist dark places and grows in places such as wall cavities, walls, windows, wardrobes, ceilings, and beneath floor coverings. It can grow on brickwork, timber, gib and other materials such as clothing, shoes and accessories like handbags. If left untreated mould can cause serious damage.

Why mould

may be

present at your place


Mould accumulates in damp and poorly ventilated buildings. Moisture created by everyday activities like washing, drying clothes, breathing, cooking etc becomes trapped in the building. Once it is trapped the moisture will come into contact with mould spores (as part of household dust) and mould growth will form.

This is very common in wet areas like bathrooms, laundries and kitchens where mould problems often persist. Mould can also be caused by a burst pipe, flood, overflow in a bathroom or laundry etc. or a lack of waterproofing.

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black mould removal
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SAMRS mould removal

Our specialist will be look for any visible signs of mould which can present in a variety of colours including black, orange, yellow, green, grey or various combinations of these colours. Once identified, our SAMRS team will use specialised equipment to ensure the mould is contained and completely removed in the most efficient and safest way possible. 

All our mould removal services comply with the current industry best practice. No matter the size, scope or difficulty, SAMRS will be able to work to make your home mould free.

Leave it to the professionals

Attempting mould removal yourself may not be the best choice. To enter a confined space infested with mould and treat it, you need to have the right safety equipment. Don’t put your health at risk. If you have a mould problem, call the team at SAMRS to arrange an inspection today. We carry out mould removal Auckland wide. Call Richard on 021488732.


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